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For professional experts and aspiring thought leaders - join Trevor Young aka 'The PR Warrior' as he explores how motivated individuals can strategically build visibility, influence and trust in today's reputation economy. PRODUCED BY DIGITAL CITIZEN.

Aug 12, 2016

Natasa Denman is known as the 'Ultimate 48-Hour Author'.

After publishing her fifth book early in 2015, she now mentors entrepreneurs, business owners and professional experts to become published authors and authorities in their field of endeavour.

Natasa, who studied psychology before moving into the optical industry,...

Aug 5, 2016

As a qualified professional in education and curriculum design, Sarah Cordiner's passion is helping individuals and businesses to create their own engaging, transformational and profitable training courses.

Sarah is a best-selling author, qualified trainer, professional speaker and respected consultant in...

Jul 30, 2016

Suzanne Nguyen - aka 'String Story' - is a curious geek of the future. Her schtick is 'connecting dots'; she's a digital storyteller, interactive broadcaster, technology educator and emerging thought leader around video-live streaming and Snapchat in particular. 

Suzanne first made a name for herself using the...

Jul 21, 2016

Tim Hughes is a recognised global pioneer and innovator in the social selling space; he is a speaker, blogger, and author of the book 'Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers'.

Tim is also a perfect example of how a professional expert should use Twitter to build connections,...

Jul 14, 2016

Andrew O'Brien is a sought-after speaker, author, facilitator, executive adviser and consultant.

In 2008, Andrew and his wife Sue became known as the “Couple on the Run” when, side by side, they ran eight marathons in eight countries in eight weeks together. They live by the philosophy that by harnessing the...